[Lion King]

Time to write a blog once again. It was really tough to decide what to write upon this time. Too much creative negativity on my blog, one of my friends told me. Maybe she’s right. All I know is, that blogging was a good idea. Personal ego boosts because of the compliments on the writing aside, it’s a release on a way more personal level. I didn’t publicize the previous blog entry, Catharsis, because of obvious reasons, and there’s a chance I may delete it, and just keep it in my personal archives, never to be seen again. Not just because people may be able to link this to real life, but also since it is extremely personal, and nobody has a right to go this deep inside my personality without giving me an orgasm or two. So, I’ll waxing cabbalistic now from time to time, leaving some things for you guys to figure out.


It’s funny that I’m typing this out at work right now. I’ve developed a bad (?) habit of coming to work a little early and finishing off the day’s work in the first 2 hours. Oh wait. Did I say a day’s work? It could also be a week’s work. Menial, non-intellectually stimulating work at it’s very finest. It’s great pinky- and index finger exercise, you know. The pinky on Ctrl key and the index finger doing an elaborate dance, like a maiden who’s freshly discovered her beauty and flits between two lovers – the C key, and the V key.

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, lather, rinse, repeat. These guys could have employed me in class 8th, and I’d have been brilliant at it. I’ve come to terms with it. For one, it gives me a great deal of free time, and allows me to engage in other finer arts, like sneaking Tweets under my boss’ nose, listening to music all day long, and quickly switching tabs on Internet Explorer (Yeah.) whenever someone important walks by. And it’s lifted a major load off my mind that I’d be a wage slave, slogging away to earn a meager salary. I reframed that. Now, I’m futzing around in a comfortable office all day, working on my ‘Things to do before I’m 30’ list, and getting paid 25 grand a month for it. Free money wahoo!


Robert Green mentions in his book, 48 Laws of Power a simple, yet very hard-to-implement rule: “Never make the lion insecure” – or at least, something to that effect. If we were to talk in this analogy, the lion of my pack, from the day I moved into the pride, knows that I will bang his sexy lioness, kill his cubs, and eventually tear his throat out in a roaring match of alpha brutality at its finest. And now the lion is insecure. An insecure lion is an unhappy lion. And I’m facing the music everyday. I’ve been singled out and picked on. My colleague advises, “Keep your nose clean, your head down, pretend to work, and agree with everything the lion says. Kabhi kabhi thodi bahut chaatni padti hai.”


Unfortunately he doesn’t know that I’m not here to play their petty games. One day, when I establish my own pride, the best decision this particular panthera leo should be – approaching me, head down, tail between legs, proffering his subservience and his submission.


Also. I’m going to start 2 new blogs soon: One dealing exclusively with the heavy metal music that I listen to, with reviews and recommendations. The other one will be a little more on the humorous side. One of the things on my ‘Before 30’ list is to become a standup comedian and give a good number of shows – so the other blog will cater exclusively to this alignment of mine. Heck, I got enough time. And if you bastards try to heckle me on stage, I will throw the fucking mic in your face.


You think that’s funny?



~ by anarchyforever on September 19, 2011.

10 Responses to “[Lion King]”

  1. you have a way of telling a serious fact in the most humorous tone, and thats what i like most in your blogs. As far as the Lion is concerned, A Lion is a Lion only if you believe it is one. All you need to do is Be a Cat and jump to the nearest tree 😉

  2. hahaha loved it like always ..uve inspired me to rant about what should hopefully be my ex project pretty soon 😛

  3. WTF . you get paid 25 K for copy pasting stuff?!!? and I get paid 18 K for 36 hour duties and put in my finger in people’s asses and having them cough at me !?!?!!? 😐 * stomps off*
    PS: Liked the blog entry .

  4. Deep shit dude….what you need to do is bottle this stuff up inside and then let go in one single awesome writeup, who knows maybe you can spark a revolution against the tyranny of these internet explorer using MRC fucktards.

    And that law thing about “not making the lion insecure” thats followed by “unless you have a shotgun”, cheers

  5. Excellent stuff dude …

  6. Fuck! awesome stuff! Love the brash witticism laced with subtle overtones of sarcasm!

  7. wanna be mah chammak challo

  8. I really like the movie lion king, i always watched it when i was younger. ,

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