[A quick ‘Fuck You’ to the Metallica haters on my timeline]

Oh hi you gaiz. I know you’re the coolest cats around. Probably you’ve got so much technical death metal blasting into your ears at any given point of time in your life, that anything less brutal than Cannibal Corpse’s I CUM BLOOD makes the testosterone in your blood system scream GAY GAY GAY! Or you like spending your days listening to Meshuggah-esque bands with a calculator, and predicting the next polyrhythm and simultaneously jerking yourself to pleasure when you DO manage to headbang to one of their songs.


But here’s the thing. Talking shit about the biggest and the most accomplished heavy metal band in the world is only making you sound like the major fucking douchebag that you are. I think it’s about time you acknowledge the fact that all Metallica band members have accomplished more than you ever will during their time than you will in probably 3,447 lifetimes. And all guitarists who talk shit about Hammett – an enormous Fuck You to you too. The day you co-write an iconic album like Master of Puppets, come on Facebook/Twitter and share your sarcastic, pseudo-elitistic comments on Facebook. Meanwhile, clamp the fuck up and learn to respect.


I’m going to be one of those people who’ve followed The Four Horsemen from the first album off, and I’m damn sure I’ll be following them till the time they decide to call it a day and throw away their instruments.


And this is a special note to all them people who’re scoffing at fans who’re going to the concert just for Nothing Else Matters. Boy, me and thousands of other heavy metal veterans are going to get lumps in our throats when we hear the first 6 notes on the guitar. Yes, the very same “Oh haha Em-open string arpeggio GAY GAY GAY Hammett” notes. We simply recognize NEM as the brilliant piece of MUSIC that it is – not how heavy/technical/difficult it has to be. The same with Master of Puppets, Fight Fire with Fire, or heck, even Unforgiven III. If you’re constantly out there in gigs judging a song by it’s complexity or how hard it is to play, then you went wrong somewhere down the line, son.


And for the people who’ve only heard Nothing Else Matters and are just going for the one song? They’re going to get exposed to the monster that Metallica is, learn something and probably grow as far as their taste in music is concerned.


Which is more than I can say for some of you haters.


~ by anarchyforever on October 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “[A quick ‘Fuck You’ to the Metallica haters on my timeline]”

  1. Dude… calm…. self….

  2. \m/\m/\m/ i am so proud of you!!!!! \m/

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