Another post in which I start out blanker than a 1st standard kid put inside a board exam. Stuff of horror. *shudder* On that note, did you ever have those dreams? Where you dreamt you were in a test, and realized you know nothing about the subject in question, and you had to clear it? #ScaryDreamsForChildren


I guess I’m just going to keep writing till something fires up inside me and I discourse a torrential litany of literary genius.


Yours truly is just recovering from a hard kick in the ass, brought to you by his own subconscious. There’s only a certain period of time that you can sit in your house wearing your boxers, eating a large tub of ice-cream and watching PS I Love You for the 28th time (I’m not talking about me, I swear) till something snaps. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – intelligent people have it hard. No, I’m not being an arrogant sonofabitch, it’s just that I can’t troll through life grinning like a goofy dog thinking that everything is hunky-dory, and when life delivers me a swift one right up the gonads, I can’t seem to crumble down and blame fate, destiny, God, luck or any one of those seductive demons that you pray to at night.  Over, and over again, whenever I’ve wanted something, the Universe plonks it somewhere close to me, and urges me to grab it. If I can. It’s an inside joke the two of us have going, where it knows that I don’t appreciate anything that it throws in my lap. I appreciate your sense of humor. You sadistic bitch. You sadistic, smart, smart bitch, you. Touché. Tanay 0 – 1 You. Fine. We’ll play it your way, then. You’ve thrown the gage, and me, being the Knight in Shining Armor, how dare I not bend, pick it up, look you in the eye, smile, and dance the dance? Our battles have always been epic, this much is for sure, a graceful, dangerous dance, where you stand to lose nothing, and I stand to gain everything. You are my Mr Miyagi, no matter how much your strikes hurt, or how much I hate you after the wincing blow to my ribcage, I learn from you, and respect you more, each time. How ironic is this? You are the Dragon, guarding my Prize, and yet, nothing would make you happier than your own defeat, so I can claim my worth.


For those people who struggle to understand obscure language, here’s the message – what you want is just within reach of you. The only one who’s stopping you from getting what you want is YOU, and anything else you tell yourself is a LIE, and your opinion is irrelevant.  If you think I’m wrong, then you are an idiot, and thus again, at the risk of sounding repetitious, your opinion is irrelevant.



The challenge is accepted. You’ve set the stage, and forgotten to give me the directions to the fucking theater, as always. No matter. I’ll find my way. As always.





~ by anarchyforever on December 15, 2011.

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